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Atif Aslam's Biography

Muhammad Atif Aslam was born on 12th march 1983 in Wazirabad Gujranwala. Atif’s kinder garden started in Model town Lahore at Kimberley Hall School. His first stage manifestation was in a fancy dress show at his school when he was in grade–1 where he performed as Imran Khan “ Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team”. Since then cricket was like a passion to him. He was never tired of playing cricket for hours in his car porch whether it is scorching sun outside or even raining. At that time he was not used to listen any kind of songs.At the age of 9 in 1991 he was shifted to Rawalpindi/Islamabad where he continued his studies in Saint Pauls School. He started playing Basket Ball and he use to lead his school team for various matches. Atif came back to Lahore in 1995 where he continued his studies in Divisional Public School Model Town. For his immense passion for cricket he was selected in his school team as a fast bowler. Atif cleared his 10th grade in 14 years of age with a distinctive edge that he has always been the youngest boy in the class because of his double promotions while he was in Kimberley Hall.Atif started his HSc in PAF College Lahore. Cricket was all the times with him. He was in his college team as well where he presented his college in other cities. Beside his studies he was putting his maximum time in practicing for the professional cricket.

During his college life he come he come across with some interest in music. His eldest brother was having a collection of more than 8,000 songs of almost all music genres. Un-intentionally he was developing a habit of listening to this all kind of music in his house. As a good learner he quickly grasped the control of voice but till that time he was not interested in singing, his passion was to enter in Pakistan cricket team as a fast bowler and he was right on track while practicing at the net at Shapes club Lahore where Imran Khan use to come and give tips to him for bowling.The twist in the story comes when one day he was singing with his friends at the college canteen. His friends insisted him to participate in the singing on Independence Day celebrations at PAF College Lahore and Sargodha in 1998. He performed there and won the competition. After HSc Atif Joined Punjab Institute of Computer Science Gulberg Campus. This time studies were much more demanding as compared to the previous ones. He has to sacrifice his time for the cricket.His hobby of singing continued when he entered n the singing competition of his college There were a total of 8 participants .The media team entered atif’s name in the competition at the eleventh hour and he won the competition singing a hit number of “string” “Duur”.

He kept on winning these competitions every semester until he announced that he will not participate in next competitions so that someone else can also win the competitions. He found Goher at his college who was having good interest in Music & was a good , talented guitarist. Together they use to practice a lot and started doing mini concerts for their friend. Atif use to sing the Junoon’s and string’s song at the concert. The volume of audience kept on increasing. They performed concerts for their college, McDonalds and some other restaurants as well.Atif recorded the legendary song “AADAT” at Mekal Hassan’s Studio. Mekal injected his professionalism in the song to make it worth listening time after time. Atif formed the band and named the band as “JAL” which means water, the essence of life. The song got popularity on the different musical websites on Pakistan. The song was also being on aired on major Radio channels of Pakistan like FM100, FM 105 etc.“Umer Anwar” from Karachi approached Atif for making the video of “AADAT”. The Aadat’s video was shot in one day in a warehouse at Karachi. The basic theme of the video was to divert the people to listen to this song, which will vanish their sorrows and then make them happy.

A girl who acted as an angel in the video was distributing this message to people to listen to this song. Atif was making waves in the industry. God has been very very kind to Atif. By the Grace of God his video was released in December on “ARY THE MUSIC” and then it rocked almost all the channels .

Atif released his first album Jal Pari on 18th July 2004 all over the nation by the country’s leading record label, Sound Master and IC records & Alhumdolillah the results declared it as the best selling album of the year within just 5 months of the sale and its still continuing. Because of the eternal mercifulness of Allah who gave the a kind of continuous love of people to atif , lime light, interviews, fans, autographs, snaps, concerts, get-togethers, traveling all came to him at once and atif was really stretched up for all this because in the mean time he had the final exams of BCS and he cleared his Bacheoulers in cmputer science ( hons) from University of Central Punjab. Performing live is the real test of any singer and Alhumdolillah people believe that atif is one of the best live singers in the nation. Atif has done hundreds of live shows with the local as well as international artists all over the globe for a lot of brands.

Atifs song WHO LAMHEY which he sang for the bollywood movie “ Zeher” in 2005 is being considered among the ten best ever green songs of the bollywood industry doing a business of One million Dollar plus only in India in terms of sales. This song opened the doors of bollywood for atif and he is now one of the few singers of the nation who are doing play back singing in bollywood which is indeed a national pride for us. His 2nd song in bollywood “Aadat” made people addicted to his voice in the biggest nation of the world. Third song “Teray Bin” is also being considered as one of the most touching and heart melting numbers of the year 2006.One of the most rare distinctions which atif earned for Pakistan was that his 3 songs “ Aaadat , Ehsaas and Yakeen were included in a Hollywood art movie “ MAN PUSH CART”. The movie got tremendous response in international film festivals and won FEPRISKI award in EuropeAtif has been nominated for a number of awards internationally during his short career which is again a matter of pride for the nation. His song Who Lamhay made him nominated as best singer for 2005 in almost all the film awards of bollywood including Film Fare Awrads , Zee Cine Awards , IIFA Awards etc etc .

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