Thursday, January 4, 2007

But he doesn't even know it.

Well theres not much to say.
He's a person.
Has his ups and downs
and spills them out.
He can make me smile
with a simple glance,
but doesn't know how I melt inside.

I've known him for not long.
But it seems like forever.
He trusts me with secrets
that nobody knows.
Simplistic yet incommensurable.
Seems to always be changing.

He has his moments
when he regrets
and tries to forget.
But in the end it makes him no different.
Talented yet self disrespected,
keeping more locked up inside.

I like him for him,
not for what you'd expect.
The things that he does,
how he goes about them,
and how he treats me.
He is everything and more.
But he doesn't even know it.

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