Thursday, July 31, 2008

That's Life Just The Same

How can you feel happy with your lot in life
Ignored by your adult children and divorced by your wife
Though for your personal problems you are not to blame
As some well may tell you that's life just the same.

By your ex wife and your children you've been treated bad
Though to her you've been a good husband and to them a good dad
Dejected and lonely and your better years gone
But you should hang in there and keep on keeping on.

You never seek counselling though perhaps you should
It could not do you any harm and perhaps do you some good
With others your problems you never do share
Your crosses in life on your own you do bear.

For many a hard World to live in or so it does seem
Of a happier future you only can dream
Upon our life's journey the road can be rough
And sometimes our best not even good enough.

Of your recent past no happy memories to recall
And things for you have not been going well at all
But you should not feel cause for remorse or for shame
That things are not going well for you since that's life just the same.

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