Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Live your life with arms wide open

I eradicate with a certain integrity of manifestation;
My allure is coaxing you to become a man of elation.
This start of subdued anger and pathological euphoria's.
You're finding it increasingly difficult to still contempt.

The bloodlines of many a men are coming to an end;
You are unfortunately one of the liaison that pretends.
Unmerciful alliance between a treason so obscure.
My errors are your burdens and you live deterred.

Hollow minority's praying to some extent;
You never have gotten on your knees; You remain stiff.
Bliss is so far from you and you have no desire;
Pull from the bed of your hearts roots; Show them fire.

I ask you to give thought to surrendering your flaws;
You cannot be a god yourself and cannot have it all.
I struggle to find a way to show you the distortion;
Live your life with arms wide open; My love

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