Thursday, April 9, 2009

You, were my first and leave it at that

You were my first kiss
You were the one I thought of all day long
I can remember the day you grabbed my hand and said walk with me
You were the one I first trust
You were the one who showed me a whole other world
I can remember the day I took you home to meet my parents
You were the last thing I thought about when I lay down to sleep
You were the one I could only hope to see in the hallway
I can remember the day you took me home to meet your family
You said "I love you" first
You were the first thing I thought about when I awoke
I can remember the day you took my gift
You were my first
You told me you would always love me
I can remember when that girl called
You said "this isn't going to work anymore"
You said "we can still be friends"
I can remember my friends saying "We told you so"
You still would call
You still said "I love you"
I can remember the late night phone calls
You hated my friends and led me too
You had a girlfriend, and led me to think you were done with her
I can remember waiting for you to ended with her
You never did...
I ran from the pain it caused me
I drug my friends and family along my depressed road
I never thought I could be happy again
You came back too me but not for long
I went through it all again
I lost friends because I choose chasing you over their friendship
And when I finally became happy with someone else
You started again
The calls
The texts
The voice mails
You never wanted me happy
You never really loved me
I can remember how worthless you made feel
You were the first one I ran back to
You never wanted me, you just never wanted anyone else to have me
I can remember the day I told you I was moving
You said good now you can leave me alone
You then called me day after day asking me to come back to you
I can remember living a thousand miles away and you still calling
You do not get it
You keep bugging me and I keep ignoring you
I can remember changing my number, trying to forget you
You lied to everyone saying I was obsessed
You threatened my new boy
I can remember not knowing what to do, if running a 1,000 miles away wasn't good enough
You and me need to be done I wish You could leave me be I am finally happy without you.
I can now say I have found my true love and I don't want loose him because of you.......

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