Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Shaadi 3 crore ki 27th March 2011 Drama Serial

No offence meant to the Punjabis but we are just fed up of these Buntys and Bablis, Puppy Jhappy Singhs, Goldies, Sweeties and Bebosnot to forget, the incessant naach gaana they indulge, the chak de pattes, gora mundas, soni kudis, bebbes and Chintu de Pintus. Shaadi 3 crore ki, Imagines new enterprise is a big fat Punjabi wedding of Sheenu and Ishu (please dont ask for their real names).

These two blessed people have decided to marry and even as you read this, they have gone through some half a dozen elaborate rasams (read long-drawn rituals where everyone is hugging each other and talking in incomprehensible Punjabi, thank god for subtitles) and a sagai. The girl smiles incessantly when she is not throwing coy glances at Ishu while Ishu is more worried about matching his turban with her lehenga ji! So you have him wearing a purple pagdi to go with her glittering mauve lehenga, and to our horror, they are even sitting on a baingani sofasomeone pass me the lassi, please!

Ok, so whats the show about? Dont know clearly but we guess the channel is sponsoring their shaadi and have magnanimously offered a three crore ka budget (and we thought shows were flopping left, right and centre on Imagine) to both the parties. So now they have to decide how much money they are going to spend on their clothes, jewellery, invitation cards, music, food etc etc. You dont even want to know the petty fights the ladke ke rishtedaar get into asking for their personal budget, the ladki ki mother cribbing they should have got more money than the ladkewalas and what not While the obscene display of wealth gets out of hand, adding to our woes are begani shaadi mein Abdullah deewanas Ali Asgar and Mona Singh. They try hard to make the proceedings lively with their non-stop chatter. Mona dresses in these heavy costumes (someone should get her swayamvar done, come on guys, Imagine hard!) and seems more interested than even the bride.

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