Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Warrior Prince Sourav Ganguly, in ESPN/STAR Sports

The cricket fever doesn’t stop while we are waiting for the mother of all games, Pakistan vs. India, or for the first semi final. No. The cricket fever stays with us, today fueled by a new legend, The Warrior Prince – Sourav Ganguly. The former captain of the India team is still regarded as India’s most successful Captain in modern times. His nicknames The God of the Off Side, The Prince of Calcutta, The Maharaja – are a popular attempt to describe his charisma, allure, and, in the end, success.

Mitali Ghosal started working at a documentary featuring Ganguly in 2008. The idea was to portray this amazing sportsman from a lesser known perspective. While many know Ganguly is a cricket legend, few know how he became a cricketer, and a left-hander:

“Many things in Ganguly’s life are still unknown… How he became a cricketer… And a left-hander… The docu-feature will be peppered with such small but interesting things,” – Ghosal told in an interview back in 2008. “Like an incident in that famous England tour in 1996 when Ganguly made debut Test century. Ganguly was very hurt when the then skipper Mohammed Azharuddin jokingly asked the left hander: ‘Have you done your shopping in England?’”

The documentary, titled The Warrior Prince, will be featured today on ESPN/STAR Sports network. The documentary features other cricket legends, such as Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, Steve Waugh and others, testifying about Sourav Ganguly’s career, and about various character traits of India’s former captain. In the video below a few of their testimonies.

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