Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sony Prepping VAIO Hybrid PC, Chrome OS Models

The Hybrid PC will feature Intel's Thunderbolt technology

Although it appears like Google Chrome OS hype has simmered down, it's not going to be the case this year. Sony Insider reported some exclusive details about two major VAIO models - Hybrid PC and one with Chrome OS.

The Sony VAIO Hybrid PC will comprise of two parts. One of these would be a thin laptop itself with the Intel Thunderbolt and Intel Wireless Display technology. Inside the thin chassis lies the Intel Core i7 processor, HDMI output with 3D support and expected battery life of 8 to 16.5 hours. This thin laptop would have the second part that could be like a dock and comprises of AMD Whistler-XT with 1GB video RAM, optical Blu-ray drive, VGA Output, RJ45 Ethernet Port, HDMI output and USB port.

The Chrome OS laden VAIO model will house Nvidia Tegra 2 platform, an 11-inch display (1366x768) LCD display, 1GB of Memory, 16 GB eMMC card, ultra-low power GeForce GPU and Wireless WAN. This VAIO Chrome OS laptop would be less than an inch thick and will have quick-boot feature for the operating system.

There was no mention about the release date of these notebooks but we can expect the Chrome OS laptop to be show when Google launches the operating system officially.

Source - http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Sony_Prepping_VAIO_Hybrid_PC_Chrome_OS_Models/551-114859-893.html

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